Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Harichandanam: A new serial on Asianet.

Starting Date: May 24, 2010.
Time: Monday to Friday from 19.00 to 19.30

Harichandanam is the story of two young girls, Uma and Unnimaya. They are in the midst of rejection and poverty and fight their way through the bitter realities of life.
Uma and Unnimaya are the daughters of Pothuval, who is a master of the art of Kathakali. Pothuval is both mother and father to Unnimaya, a music student and Uma, who is old enough to be married off, for they are motherless. Uma is just s simple girl behind the scenes, whereas Unnimaya is bold enough to face the realities of life and become victorious.

A couple of events at a temple festival changes the life of Unnimaya forever. The scene takes a bad turn, when Unnimaya’s friend Hafiz, takes part in the temple festival  creating confrontation with the authorities. At the moment, a young man by the name Mahadevan comes to her rescue.  It is then that Unnimaya comes to know that he is the sub-inspector in charge of that place. He takes her to   his house and tries to molest her.  Somehow she escapes from there.
Unnimaya invites singer Niranjan for a programme in her music college. She had the privilege to accompany him for the song, which was penned by her. Niranjan was impressed by her song and rewards her with an opportunity to sing for films.
Mahadevan lusts for Unnimaya even more and tries to ensure her with a marriage proposal and presents  before Pothuval through a  Poti. But the marriage is done in a hurry, without following the traditional customs.
Mangalathu Rajeswari Amma, mother of Mahadevan, always holds family status and money as its priority in a marriage, stresses an amount of 501 sovereigns of gold as dowry, because of which Pothuval is forced to sell the house. On the very day itself, Rajeswari Amma finds that there is a shortage in the dowry, making the beginning of a miserable life for Uma. Mahadevan on the other hand acts as an obedient son  and a loving husband.
The battle with the realities of life continues in Harichandanam……..
Cast: Sarath, Kishore, Kaladharan and Sujitha.
Directed and Produced By Baiju Devaraj (Sandras Communications)

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