Monday, July 26, 2010

Manav Gohil and Rajshree Thakur to enter “Agle Janam Mohe bitiya hi Kijo”

If you have been wondering, ‘How long will Lali have to wait for her dreams to come true or will she have to sacrifice her dreams for her family?’ Then the time has come for Lali to experience honor, respect and luxury. A recent spate of events brings about a lot of welcoming changes in the story.
Manav Gohil and Rajshree Thakur

The hour before dawn is the darkest. New characters will be introduced post the turning point of the show. The Kaali Raat will mark the end of some characters as well as mark the entry of a new plot and successively new characters. Ratan Rajput who plays the lead says, “I am really exited to work with industry veterans Manav Gohil and Rajshree Thakur. My character will go through a complete turnaround. Lali has had her share of sorrows and hardships, now its time for her to enjoy some comforts of life.”
Manav Gohil is making a comeback on the tube after a hiatus and is happy to be associated with Zee TV after “Maansha”. Manav will be playing the role of a passionate Philanthropist, Dr Shailendra Kumar, whose generosity has reached not only the hearts of his village men but also to people outside the village. Manav says, “What excites me the most is that I will be playing a pivotal role in the serial even after 2 years of it being aired and it will be a challenge to position myself in the hearts of the audience who are accustomed with the the regular characters”.
Rajshree Thakur will be playing the role of Kanchan Devi who is a dutiful wife and mother whose only priority in life is the well being of her husband and children. Says Rajshree, “ I’m super excited to be back on Zee TV after Saat Phere and be a part of an acclaimed show like Agle janam…”
Manav Gohil and Rajshree Thakur will enter the show post the Kaali raat and subsequently there will be a change in the story line and the characters. The audience will finally get to see Lali as a ‘Thakuraayan’.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mera Naam Karegi Roshan on Zee TV

Mahatma Gandhi said, "When woman, whom we all call abala becomes sabala, all those who are helpless will become
powerful". Going by this very reflection, Zee TV in its newest venture tries to sketch the life of a young woman and her crusade against injustice and inequality. What do you think of a man on his death-bed who asks his daughter to light his funeral pyre in spite of having two young sons? More importantly, what do you think of this daughter, whose father chooses her over her two brothers to perform his final rites? 
'Reet' is a woman who will defy all age old traditions and take a step which will have the entire society turn against her. Will she fight all the odds and give her father a reason to smile from the heavens above? Zee TV presents 'Mera Naam karegi Roshan', a poignant saga of a daughter entrusted with a responsibility no woman has ever been accorded before!
And to warm your heart as 'Reet' , the extremely talented Sana Shaikh. Sana has been an R J with a very popular Radio channel in Mumbai, India. The show boasts of a rich ensemble cast including stalwarts such as Vikram Gokhale, Yashpal Sharma, Lubna Salim amongst others. The show is being produced by the much acclaimed JD
Majethia in association with Rahil Qaazi.
The new launch is a show of which the story follows Reet on her journey of living out her father's biggest dream even as she must deal with constant opposition from society. It's a story that is bound to inspire scores of young women across the country. With artistes such as Vikram Gokhale, Yashpal Sharma, Lubna Salim, a talented lead in Sana Shaikh and a production house of the stature of Hats Off Productions, the show is bound to be a riveting watch.
MNKR is a show that resonates the way in which women are coming forward and taking up those challenges that were erstwhile carried forward only by men. Zee TV has always been a forerunner in bringing about change through all its past shows - be it Saat Phere, Astitva, Agle janam and Betiyaan, we felt such thought provoking-content is the need of the hour.
We are all ready to see the new woman of today....who has the ideals which teach her to uphold family values but who at the same time is ready to face the societal and economic challenges in a far more responsible way".
'Reet' lighting her father's pyre is a riveting visual and an intriguing concept. Woman have always had the potential to do much more with their lives but being in a certain kind of society with its norms never made them realise that they could be so much more. Join 'Reet' as she fights against the evil every Sunday to Wednesday, 10.30PM only on Zee TV.

Lali (Ratan Rajput) romances the Swiss Alps!

After grueling shooting schedules finally Ratan Rajput popularly known as Lali of Zee TV's Agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo took a much needed sojourn! And the destination chosen was the beautiful locales of Switzerland! A delighted Lali, romanced the endless string of magnificent mountains and lovely lakes, and the splendid canvas of green trees and pure white snow in the picturesque valley of Switzerland!
Here's what Ratan had to say as soon as she landed in Mumbai. "Switzerland was heaven and I am thoroughly charmed by its enchanting beauty. You have to go there and discover the place yourself... I had a whale of a time. From the moment I stepped into the Swiss soil till the time I left the shores - it was one spell binding experience. Even as I was landing at Zurich airport, the view from the aircraft windowpane was beautifully breathtaking.
I did a whole lot of things which probably I'll never get to do again. I made chocolates in the chocolate factory; I taught the firang girl's how to give a thumka; I had a blast at the Latino dance night; had a rocking time playing with the snow... the best part was all the Indian tourists out there recognised me instantly. They shared their stock of Indian food with me which I was dying to have and I was more than happy to oblige them by clicking photographs with them.
Thanks to hi-tech German engineering, traveling within Switzerland was itself an experience worth savoring. The colorful interiors of the railway coaches left me totally fascinated. All through my stay, I didn't hear a single car yelling on its way - and, to think of it, I spent most of my waking hours travelling.
My camera captured many unforgettable moments of Switzerland's everlasting magic which I will cherish forever. The trip was truly a bliss!" signs off the actor glowing in inexplicable joy!

Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo on July 20

Laali ke iss janam ka aakhri yudh (The Last war in the Life of Laali)

This night in Agle Janam is like the great battle of Kurukshetra in the Mahabharata, where destinies of all the characters change, forever! It’s the night where Shekhar puts sindoor on Laali and she accepts his love, it’s the night of Madhur and Rekha’s marriage and this is the night where Loha will realise how wrong he has been about Laali, and this comes at a heavy cost! It is the night of final judgement!
Gangiya creates her own Lakshagrah (palace of lac) — her evil plan of burning everyone alive inside the haveli creates mayhem! Nandini, the badi bahu of the haveli dies ! Gangiya runs away with waaris, Loha follows her but is blinded, Ranvijay to save his life marries Rekha and Shekhar in the confusion ends up shooting his beloved, Laali!
But is it really an “aakhri yudh” for Laali? Or is it just the ending of a great and dramatic chapter in Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo?
Agle janam has been an engaging story since its commencement. Today as this chapter of Lali’s life is coming to an end, Ratan Rajput reminisces about her character which was full of grit and grace.
Lali’s character has had several ebbs and flows. And now, at the threshold of an apocalypse which will have life changing consequences, how does the lady in concern feel? “Lali will not remain Lali anymore”, says Ratan Rajput with mixed feelings. “The tumultuous situations create tremendous upheaval and wreck havoc in the lives of all the characters. And Lali stands affected the most…don’t miss this gripping episode which will go on air on 20th July…you never know … You might just not see Lali again…” rues the actor.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dance India Dance Lil Masters

The Dance India Dance L’il masters stage has opened the doors to the youth of our generation. These young ones are delivering rocking performances week after week in their mission to become the best child dancing star. This week Dance India Dance L’il masters brings you some heart warming, heart breaking and heart wrenching moments.

Look forward to the infamous and most cherished Dance Judge Remo come back on set to referee his disciples. A nostalgic feeling indeed! For all those who performed for him, with him and his audience. It made Remo say, “I missed this stage, I needed to come back!” And we agree with Remo. Definitely a Dance India Dance stage remains empty without the Rocking Remo.

Team captain Dharmesh to give a mind blowing performance sweeping away the judges. Farah gets in to Dance action mode for the audience while Remo busts out some classical moves. The acts are bound to stun you and keep you watching. This week Dance India Dance L’il Masters brings special and extremely special acts and moments to tingle your eyes. But be aware Elimination is here. Tension mounts!! WHICH L’il Master WILL IT BE? Will the audience do justice? Will the judges approve of the decision? Vote for your favorite L’il master on 7575!!

Save your favorite dancer by watching Dance India Dance L’il Masters every Friday & Saturday from 8:00 to 9:30 PM on ZEE TV. It’s your turn now!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Animal Planet Premiere on July

Weird Creatures with Nick Baker July 1 at 19.00 (UAE)

Join host Nick Baker as he travels the globe in search of more unusual animals for the third series of ‘Weird Creatures’. The intrepid explorer is on a mission to reveal the mysteries surrounding their biology and behaviour. In the warm waters of South Australia, he locates a sea dragon with a jewel-like body that provides the perfect camouflage. Nick also embarks on a road trip along Mexico’s highway with the aim to track down Bipes biporus, also know as the five-toed worm lizard. Join him on his adventures as he meets with the scientists who study these creatures, and the people who inhabit their environment.

Cats 101 July 6 at 14.20 (UAE)

‘Cats 101’ is a visual encyclopaedia of cat breeds celebrating a variety of fascinating facts surrounding these furry creatures. You will learn everything you ever wanted to know about cats, including their history, temperament, amazing accomplishments and how they form emotional attachments. From the Persian and Siamese, to the Sphynx and American Short-Hair, find out which of these animal companions has the longest whiskers and which breed is born cross-eyed. Using experts, cat owners and narration, the series focuses on the characteristics that make each feline unique.

Cats of Claw Hill July 7 at 14.20 (UAE)
‘Cats of Claw Hill’ offers an unprecedented insight into the secret life of the domestic cat. If you have ever wondered what your pet cat gets up to when you are not at home, this series exposes the murder, mayhem and feline scandal hidden from the human eye. It is narrated by British actress Tamsin Greig, who provides the voice of Samantha, the nosey, all-seeing and all-hearing old cat. Filmed from a ‘cat's eye view’, viewers will begin to understand what motivates our feline friends. Experience the entertaining storylines and informative data that provide a glimpse into the complex world of cat behaviour.

Wildlife SOS International July 12 at 11.35 (UAE)
‘Wildlife SOS International’ follows British wildlife rescuer and conservationist Simon Cowell as he travels across the globe to rehabilitate a wide variety of animals. First up, Simon heads to Australia, where he meets with his equivalent in Melbourne, Nigel Williamson. They must brave the busy streets of the city, pull lace monitor reptiles from trees and handle deadly snakes. Simon then flies to Fraser Island, home to the native Australian dog, the dingo. Here he discusses the controversial methods used to control these animals. He also heads to Thailand, where he reveals the truth about the elephant tourism trade.

Animal Cops Houston July 13 at 19.00 (UAE)
‘Animal Cops Houston’ is an observational documentary series following the work of the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Animal Planet cameras follow the team every step of the way: from the initial investigation and rescue, through court cases and medical rehabilitation and, in most cases, adoption to loving homes. In this new series, join as the cruelty investigators combine forces with Texas state police officers in an attempt to shut down one of the biggest dog fighting rings in American history. Also, watch as they battle to save a neglected horse and rescue a desperate kitten which appears trapped on a busy freeway bridge, 80 feet above ground.

Into The Dragon’s Lair July 21 at 19.00 (UAE)
Embark on a perilous journey with underwater cameraman Didier Noirot and environmental photographer Roger Horrocks in ‘Into the Dragon's Lair’. The pair have decided to explore the 100-metre-deep papyrus caves of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, getting up close with one of nature’s most fearsome predators – the Nile crocodile. Didier and Roger set out to understand and document the underwater behaviour of these dangerous reptiles, while at the same time exploring the fears and fascination that humans have with them. The two confront our ultimate nightmares and transform them into scientific understanding and beauty.