Thursday, October 7, 2010

GOLMAAL HAI BHAI SAB GOLMAAL HAI: Kareena Kapoor becomes ‘Bakra’ on the sets of Saregamapa Singing Superstar

Tune in to this hysterical Golmaal episode on Oct 9 Saturday at 8pm on Zee TV.
Kareena Kapoor was spoilt for choice on who to kill at the sets of Hero Honda Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstar during her recent visit along with the entire cast to promote their much awaited Diwali release ‘Golmaal 3’.

Anchor Manish Paul is entertainment personified and his latest ‘karnama’ made people laugh till their stomachs ached. After an ecstatic welcome, Manish said, “Today we have amongst us a very special guest... A man whose association with Raj Kapoor Saab was very close... A man who has cradled Kareena when she was a toddler…a very senior technician with endless movies to his credit… A man whose contribution in the in the industry is immense but he has never been given any recognition. He is a noted technician of yore and today at the sunset of his life he leads a lonely life and is in deep financial trouble”.
Kareena along with her co-stars were misty eyed listening to the poignant saga of this unsung hero. Like a child wanting a toy, Bebo was enthusiastic to meet the man in person, who was close to her grandfather. There was pindrop silence on the sets when a wheelchair was brought in with a frail, old man sitting on it. The Golmaal 3 cast agreed that technicians in our country toil hard but their contribution is seldom acknowledged. The crew decided to give him Rupees 8 lakhs as a small amount to resurrect his life.
A sentimental Kareena went up to the old man and handed him the cheque, which he accepted with trembling hands. It was a very emotional moment but all hell broke loose the moment Kareena decided to bend down and touch his feet as a gesture of reverence.
To everybody’s amusement our old man sprung up from the wheelchair and broke into a jig. Bebo was transfixed and her eyes literally popped out at what she saw. The old man removed his wig and make-up and it was none other than actor comedian Brijesh Hirjee. There was complete pandemonium on the sets accentuated by the peals of laughter coming from every nook and corner. Bebo had to pinch herself to believe that the cast had played a prank on her and she was the chosen ‘Bakra’ Kareena’s first words were “Thank God I did not touch his feet.. How could you do this to meeee…” But hats off to you Bebo! It’s a tight spot to be in and sport a smile. We were scared that Bebo will storm off the sets but she maintained her calm and kept chuckling.
Kareena is sure to remember her stint at Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Tune in to this hysterical Golmaal episode on October 9 at 8pm only on Zee TV.

Bottles break & Blood flows on the sets of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstar
FINALLY, someone gets the better of mentors Sajid & Wajid!

What do you get when you put the cast of the film Golmaal 3 with cheeky Vishal-Shekhar, fun loving Sajid-Wajid and the ever exuberant Dalerji on one stage? Masti and 100% Golmaal is exactly what unfolded during the shoot for the three hour special of Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstar.
After pestering the shy Ajay Devgan to sing right through the show, the actor finally sang ‘Mere Naino Sawan Bhadon’ and then went on to coax the two mentors into doing something he wants as fair exchange for making him sing in front of such a large crowd.
To see the ever fun loving Sajid & Wajid run from the stage is truly a sight to behold! And that is exactly what happened when fearless Ajay Devgan broke a bottle on producer Rohit Shetty’s head and blood trickled down from Rohit’s head. He went on to dare Sajid Wajid to similarly break a bottle on their heads. On seeing the blood flow, ashen faced Sajid Wajid begged Ajay to be excused from performing this stunt and ran to their seats as fast as their feet could carry them!!
Finally a very sporting Manish Paul volunteered his services to be Ajay’s victim for the stunt. Manish closed his eyes and the audience cringed in anticipation as Ajay picked the bottle to hit him… crack went the bottle across Manish’s bottoms and he too ran for cover, leaving all on the sets amused!
Needless to say, the cast was very impressed by the performances of the Top 11 and the usually reticent Bebo even joined Kamal on stage and danced along as he sang ‘Mauja Mauja’ from one of her earlier films. With the wildcard entries joining the Top 8, the competition is now stiff and it will to be an uphill task for viewers to decide who will make it to the following rounds in the coming weeks. We wish the contestants the very best to become the next Singing Superstar!

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