Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kunika Lal replaces Sudha Chandran in Sangini!!!

Kunika Lal steps into Sudha Chandran’s shoe in Zee TV’s Sanjog Se Bani Sangini
When word got around that renowned dancer Sudha Chandran was joining the cast of Zee TV’s Sanjog Se Bani Sangini and that too in a role of the lead protagonist’s granny with absolutely no make-up for the first time on television, her look and character was applauded by media. Three months down the line and with the show being a primetime hit at the 10 pm time slot, Sudha has been unceremoniously dumped from the show.
Sudha Chandran
The buzz from the sets is that the lady herself has been displaying some very unlady like behaviour on the sets and driving all around up the wall. A little birdie tells us that she has been known to take off on trips out of town after confirming to the team that she will be on the sets… upsetting the entire shoot planned for the day. Just last week, the shoot was brought to a complete standstill when the team discovered that Sudha had not landed up on the sets and had instead gone to Thiruvananthapuram without giving the team any prior intimation of her departure. Apparently having signed a reality show in the South, Sudha’s tantrums have only increased.

Kunika Lal
“Sudha had been creating havoc on the sets with her highly irresponsible behavior and unprofessional attitude. You certainly do not expect a senior artiste to behave in such a way and we are tired of having to deal with it hence it’s been decided to replace her. If she doesn’t respect the sanctity of the contract that she has signed, then we certainly do not want to continue having her on the show. After giving us a confirmation for shooting with us for five days, she will only turn up for a day and that too for less than two hours. The content cannot be compromised due to this unprofessional behavior and we will get someone else immediately,” said a source from the sets who did not wish to be named.
And added, “Sudha has been very indecisive and despite umpteen requests to adhere to dates given she had become an ace in playing truant. We are not shooting with her after today. We were in talks with a lot of other actresses like Bindu, Shoma Anand, Pratima Kazmi, Sheeba Chadda, etc but there was some or the other problem with them. Finally we have zeroed on Kunika Lal. She is a wonderful actress and was very excited about the role.”

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