Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mera Naam Karegi Roshan on Zee TV

Mahatma Gandhi said, "When woman, whom we all call abala becomes sabala, all those who are helpless will become
powerful". Going by this very reflection, Zee TV in its newest venture tries to sketch the life of a young woman and her crusade against injustice and inequality. What do you think of a man on his death-bed who asks his daughter to light his funeral pyre in spite of having two young sons? More importantly, what do you think of this daughter, whose father chooses her over her two brothers to perform his final rites? 
'Reet' is a woman who will defy all age old traditions and take a step which will have the entire society turn against her. Will she fight all the odds and give her father a reason to smile from the heavens above? Zee TV presents 'Mera Naam karegi Roshan', a poignant saga of a daughter entrusted with a responsibility no woman has ever been accorded before!
And to warm your heart as 'Reet' , the extremely talented Sana Shaikh. Sana has been an R J with a very popular Radio channel in Mumbai, India. The show boasts of a rich ensemble cast including stalwarts such as Vikram Gokhale, Yashpal Sharma, Lubna Salim amongst others. The show is being produced by the much acclaimed JD
Majethia in association with Rahil Qaazi.
The new launch is a show of which the story follows Reet on her journey of living out her father's biggest dream even as she must deal with constant opposition from society. It's a story that is bound to inspire scores of young women across the country. With artistes such as Vikram Gokhale, Yashpal Sharma, Lubna Salim, a talented lead in Sana Shaikh and a production house of the stature of Hats Off Productions, the show is bound to be a riveting watch.
MNKR is a show that resonates the way in which women are coming forward and taking up those challenges that were erstwhile carried forward only by men. Zee TV has always been a forerunner in bringing about change through all its past shows - be it Saat Phere, Astitva, Agle janam and Betiyaan, we felt such thought provoking-content is the need of the hour.
We are all ready to see the new woman of today....who has the ideals which teach her to uphold family values but who at the same time is ready to face the societal and economic challenges in a far more responsible way".
'Reet' lighting her father's pyre is a riveting visual and an intriguing concept. Woman have always had the potential to do much more with their lives but being in a certain kind of society with its norms never made them realise that they could be so much more. Join 'Reet' as she fights against the evil every Sunday to Wednesday, 10.30PM only on Zee TV.

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