Sunday, July 4, 2010

Animal Planet Premiere on July

Weird Creatures with Nick Baker July 1 at 19.00 (UAE)

Join host Nick Baker as he travels the globe in search of more unusual animals for the third series of ‘Weird Creatures’. The intrepid explorer is on a mission to reveal the mysteries surrounding their biology and behaviour. In the warm waters of South Australia, he locates a sea dragon with a jewel-like body that provides the perfect camouflage. Nick also embarks on a road trip along Mexico’s highway with the aim to track down Bipes biporus, also know as the five-toed worm lizard. Join him on his adventures as he meets with the scientists who study these creatures, and the people who inhabit their environment.

Cats 101 July 6 at 14.20 (UAE)

‘Cats 101’ is a visual encyclopaedia of cat breeds celebrating a variety of fascinating facts surrounding these furry creatures. You will learn everything you ever wanted to know about cats, including their history, temperament, amazing accomplishments and how they form emotional attachments. From the Persian and Siamese, to the Sphynx and American Short-Hair, find out which of these animal companions has the longest whiskers and which breed is born cross-eyed. Using experts, cat owners and narration, the series focuses on the characteristics that make each feline unique.

Cats of Claw Hill July 7 at 14.20 (UAE)
‘Cats of Claw Hill’ offers an unprecedented insight into the secret life of the domestic cat. If you have ever wondered what your pet cat gets up to when you are not at home, this series exposes the murder, mayhem and feline scandal hidden from the human eye. It is narrated by British actress Tamsin Greig, who provides the voice of Samantha, the nosey, all-seeing and all-hearing old cat. Filmed from a ‘cat's eye view’, viewers will begin to understand what motivates our feline friends. Experience the entertaining storylines and informative data that provide a glimpse into the complex world of cat behaviour.

Wildlife SOS International July 12 at 11.35 (UAE)
‘Wildlife SOS International’ follows British wildlife rescuer and conservationist Simon Cowell as he travels across the globe to rehabilitate a wide variety of animals. First up, Simon heads to Australia, where he meets with his equivalent in Melbourne, Nigel Williamson. They must brave the busy streets of the city, pull lace monitor reptiles from trees and handle deadly snakes. Simon then flies to Fraser Island, home to the native Australian dog, the dingo. Here he discusses the controversial methods used to control these animals. He also heads to Thailand, where he reveals the truth about the elephant tourism trade.

Animal Cops Houston July 13 at 19.00 (UAE)
‘Animal Cops Houston’ is an observational documentary series following the work of the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Animal Planet cameras follow the team every step of the way: from the initial investigation and rescue, through court cases and medical rehabilitation and, in most cases, adoption to loving homes. In this new series, join as the cruelty investigators combine forces with Texas state police officers in an attempt to shut down one of the biggest dog fighting rings in American history. Also, watch as they battle to save a neglected horse and rescue a desperate kitten which appears trapped on a busy freeway bridge, 80 feet above ground.

Into The Dragon’s Lair July 21 at 19.00 (UAE)
Embark on a perilous journey with underwater cameraman Didier Noirot and environmental photographer Roger Horrocks in ‘Into the Dragon's Lair’. The pair have decided to explore the 100-metre-deep papyrus caves of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, getting up close with one of nature’s most fearsome predators – the Nile crocodile. Didier and Roger set out to understand and document the underwater behaviour of these dangerous reptiles, while at the same time exploring the fears and fascination that humans have with them. The two confront our ultimate nightmares and transform them into scientific understanding and beauty.

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