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Catch all the Excitement on Lulu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

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Ranbir’s Secret Weekend Wedding?
Pretty and talented Zee TV’s Lulu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstar, Rini Chandra, had come all prepared with a bagful of shagun items necessary to conduct a wedding. A huge fan of Ranbir Kapoor, Rini proposed to him when he made an appearance as a celebrity guest along with Priyanka Chopra to promote their latest flick, Anjaana Anjaani. The dashing Ranbir who had no intention of leaving a lady at the altar, ran onto the stage and accepted the charming young lady’s proposal, much to the audience and Rini’s delight. And, Ranbir got married to her in such a jiffy before she could even wink an eye.
Infact, Priyanka had already set a precedent of getting married to Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs contestant Swarit earlier this year. She was overheard welcoming Ranbir to the family saying ‘Ye toh mera sasural hai, meri pehla shaadi bhi yahi par hui thi.’ What followed was a totally filmy ishtyle wedding with director Siddharth Anand and all the mentors joining in to marry off the Anjaana and Anjaani. Rini’s kanyadaan was done by none other than Piggy Chops, who was in absolute raptures in getting her co-star married into the same family that was present at her own wedding. So excited were the newly married couple to be off on their honeymoon that they had to be stopped by Priyanka and brought back to the set. Said Piggy chops , ‘arrreee…honeymoon ke liye itni jaldi kya hai…show khatam karke phir chale jaana…’
Priyanka Chopra Sings Live on TV for the first time
Priyanka Chopra is well known in the Indian film industry for her beauty and more recently for taking Bollywood by storm with her versatility as an actress, having delivered one smash hit after another. What many don’t know is the fact that this lissome lass is also a veritable powerhouse when it comes to singing a tune. While on Zee TV’s Lulu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa to promote her upcoming Anjaana Anjaani with co star Ranbir Kapoor and director Siddharth Anand, music directors Vishal — Shekar requested the beauty to sing the song ‘Tinka Tinka’.
A little known fact is that way back in 2005, during the making of Karam, our Piggy Chops had sung the playback for the track ‘Tinka Tinka’. But since the young lass was just finding her feet as an actress in the industry, she did not want to be put into the niche of a playback singer and hence asked Alisha Chinoy to do the playback for the track. Looks like Bollywood has finally found themselves a heroine for all seasons!
Having synced along with Sugandha’s performance, Priyanka proceeded to take to the stage with her own rendition of the song. With her rich powerful voice and soulful melody, she did not seem in the least bit nervous or apprehensive as she went on stage and performed on live television for the first time. And it certainly is a performance to remember! Watch out all established singers who playback for Priyanka…with a magical voice like hers, she really doesn’t need anyone to sing for her!!!

Ranbir: The perfect gentleman
Lady luck seems to be smiling on Sugandha Mishra these days. Following her performance with Priyanka Chopra on Zee TV’s Lulu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstar, Sugandha was also privy to a dose of the legendary Kapoor chivalry. With all the excitement of having Ranbir Kapoor on the show, the poor girl ended up falling off stage and spraining her ankle during rehearsals. Being the gentleman that he is, Ranbir went forward to escort an injured Sugandha to and fro from the stage for her performance. Chivalry is not dead…not with Ranbir around for sure!!!
Also, while on stage the actor recollected her desire of standing with him in the famous Titanic pose. Being the affable young man that he is, Ranbir gladly obliged to pose with her, much to her obvious delight.
“My leg was paining a lot after the accident during rehearsals, but I never expected a superstar like him to come and help me get to the stage. He was SUCH a gentleman!” gushed an excited Sugandha when we spoke to her after the show.
Thoughtfulness and making dreams come true is an ancient Kapoor tradition…that holds true even today!!!

Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra floored the audience with their fun impromptu acts on this week’s episode of Zee TV’s Lulu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstar. The Kapoor chirag was a celebrity guest to promote his forthcoming flick, Anjaana Anjaani along with co-star Priyanka Chopra. He was shown a video clip where all the female contestants expressed what they would do if got given a chance to spend the day with Ranbir.
Watching the video, Ranbir was grinning from ear to ear after hearing that one wanted to kiss him, another  spend a day with him chilling on a beach, and one wanted to stand with him enacting the famous “TITANIC” pose. Blushing, Ranbir had to give into the stimulus of the happy hormone. Ranbir suddenly got up and being a gentleman, planted a kiss on every woman’s hand who had spelt out their fantasy.
All went well till he reached Kamal Khan and took his hand and kissed him too!!! Kamal was shocked and couldn’t believe what Ranbir was doing. Manish Paul, the host for the week, being his spontaneous jovial self regaled everyone with his razor sharp wit saying, ‘Aakhir Maa da Ladla bigaad hi gaya’. Ranbir is a good actor but when he was caught in a situation like this he could not hide his natural emotion at that moment which was nothing but embarrassment cause he just kept going from one contestant to another thinking it’s a girl. Everyone had a hearty laugh including Ranbir who managed a sheepish smile and tried to forget the faux paus as a harmless mistake!
According to a source on the sets, ‘Ranbir and Priyanka were full of energy. Ranbir made it a point to be with all the contestants and did something special for all. Both of them were great fun to be with.’

Priyanka Chopra, the reigning Bollywood queen is the dream girl for teeming millions not only in India but worldwide. Khurram, is one star struck contestant from Pakistan, who went weak in his knees after meeting her on the sets. After his performance, Priyanka was so thrilled hearing him that she said, ‘Mujhe aapse thoda sa ishq ho gaya  hai’. Hearing the comment, Khurram was on the seventh heaven. He wasted no time in asking Priyanka if he could come and hug her once.
The desire to get closer shocked Priyanka…But this bold and beautiful lass saved the day with a repartee and said, ‘Arrey aap toh bahut fast forward nikle…ye toh bas Pyaar ki shuruat hai…abhi dur se hi thik hai…’. Khurram was not ready to give up so soon and pleaded once again, ‘Pleeeaaaseee.. One hug... Let me hug you just once…’
Just when one thought that the situation was getting out of hands, Daler Paaji known for his brazen humor, galloped into the scene like a knight in shining armor and his comment made people fall off their chairs in laughter. As Khurram kept pleading ‘Can I Hug you ..Hug you……’ Daler ji said, ‘Bhai ye wagne ka kaam yahan mat karo … uske liye toilet hai peeche…’ This smart retort eased the tension and the sets rocked with peals of laughter.

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