Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lulu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstar September 17 & 18

Who is John Abraham’s New Crush?

Who has captured a piece of John’s heart? - Saregamapa contestant Sugandha Mishra

Sugandha Mishra, who first shot to fame as a comedy artiste on Indian television is now one of the top 14 contestants of Zee TV’s popular Lulu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstars. This talented young classical vocalist from Vishal Shekar’s Hit Squad has taken many a stage by storm as she delivers one brilliant performance after another.
However, during a recent filming of an upcoming episode of the show, Sugandha could not help but gush when she came face to face with the charming John Abraham who made an appearance as a guest judge.
After her heartfelt performance of ‘Hai Rama ye kya hua’ from Rangeela, Sugandha could not help but state her long standing crush on Bollywood’s favourite blue eyed boy and requested him to dance with her for which the ever charming actor gladly obliged.
John joined Sugandha on stage for a short jig to ‘Maa da laadla’. The actor then turned around and caught her by surprise when he bestowed her with a peck on the cheek declaring ‘actually sach batau toh mujhe bhi aap par ek chota sa crush hai!’
Sugandha is surely one lucky girl…!!

Baby Sumo arm wrestles With John Abraham

Harnoor Singh, the hatta katta Punjabi munda from Jalandhar has Punjab written all over him. Punjabis are known to be daredevils but Harnoor is known for his cute devilish acts. Daler Mehndi has named him ‘Baby Sumo’. He loves to do two things in life – Khaana aur Gaana. Both his favorite activities are brought to the forefront in many occasions. He has won appreciation for all his performances and is known to take panga with all the celebs who come as guests to Lulu SaReGaMaPa Singing Superstar.
Harnoor had taken up a challenge with his friends back home that he will pick Salman Khan on his shoulders. Salman is no lean mean movie machine but a hefty man with boulder shoulders. Harnoor surprised everybody on the sets by picking Salman Bhai on his shoulders with élan, when he was on the sets.
Recently when John Abraham was on the sets he challenged John to arm wrestle with him. John Abraham has a well toned body and is known to work out at the gym. John took up the challenge and the moment their hands clasped, there was anticipation among the audience.
Throughout the challenge, John had a smile on his face and he seemed to croon a tune in his mind, while Harnoor had beads of sweat up and down his chubby cheeks. Harnoor had a tough time beating John as he was evidently a strong contender.
Harnoor take a break brother! Concentrate on your singing. Probably John did not want to break your heart and lost on purpose. Waise Bhi his doctor had advised him not to apply too much strain on his muscles as he had over worked himself at the gym. Par Koi Nai Hanoor Puttar we love your positive attitude and your penchant to live life to the fullest. Jeeyo mere Sumo!

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