Thursday, March 17, 2011

Geeta Ma’s Maa makes an appearance on DID Doubles

Reveals that Geeta always wanted to be an air hostess and a model before she entered the world of dance

Master Geeta Kapur, who is Maa for practically everybody on the sets of DID Doubles, was overjoyed when at the recent shoot, her own mother paid her a surprise visit! What made it particularly interesting for everyone else on the sets was that Sr. Mrs. Kapur shared plenty of trivia about daughter dearest Geeta that no one really knew about!
Apparently, Mrs. Kapur revealed, “Geeta was an early bird when it came to dancing. She started moving gracefully at the age of 3….. we used to live in this really tiny house with so many people hovering in and around… but Geeta would use the bed to practise her steps and would keep dancing all day long!”
Geeta’s mother was amused when the cast and crew of the show affectionately called her ‘Badi Maa’ since her daughter is the original ‘Maa’ on the sets. She further revealed, “Do any of you guys know that Geeta first wanted to be an air hostess? And that she dabbled in modeling before she joined Farah as a background dancer?” Mithun Da was tickled pink on finding out Geeta’s little secrets and couldn’t help but rib her mercilessly over them.
Geeta, overwhelmed by all the love surrounding her, told the audience, “I am extremely fortunate to have the woman, on whose feet I would perch my toes and dance holding her hands, here with me today. My mother is the most important person in my life. There’s no one who understands me better than she does. And I couldn’t have asked for more support from her in every endeavor I have ever taken up!”
Watch the mother-daughter bond beautifully on DID Doubles at 8:00PM on March 19 on Zee TV.

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