Monday, March 7, 2011

Sara Khan asked to gain weight and Nishant Malkani to reduce for their big night

What do you think of Sara Khan and Nishant Malkani as a couple? Made for each other? or a little oddly matched? Well, whatever your take is, here's what the makers of Ram Milaayi Jodi who cast the two actors together seem to be thinking. After scrutinising reels of footage over the last couple of weeks, the creative team behind the show has reached a consensus that the two look absolutely adorable together, except for one little flaw that they would like to see corrected immediately!
The producer of the show Rajita Sharma is apparently of the opinion that Sara with her ‘size zero’ obsession has begun to look like a delicate China doll infront of Nishant who is constantly on a ‘get bigger and beefier’ trip. In terms of sheer physicality required for their roles, Nishant who plays a shy and sweet Gujarati chhora Anukalp should ideally be a lean and lanky guy rather than a strapping hunk. And Sara who plays Mona, the Punjabi phataka, ought to look a little more hatti-katti and filled out rather than the porcelain delicacy she currently is!
And given that the track is about to showcase the two of them sharing intimate moments on their ‘big night’ in the coming week, their focus on their  hysicality is heightened. So while sara's been asked to dig into extra carbs, Nishant has been asked to go easy on his high protein-high carbs diet to look a little leaner!
When contacted, Sara said, "The idea is to get us to look like an ideal couple for the big night and both Nishant and I are game for whatever it takes to make the scene look absolutely perfect!"
Stay tuned to Ram Milaayi Jodi at 9.30pm every Sunday to Wednesday on Zee TV. The romance is just about to brew!

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