Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Aamir Dalvi and Anisha Kapoor to join the cast of Sanskar Laxmi

Anisha Kapoor

Seems like some more well known television actors have joined the cast of Sanskar Laxmi which will soon premiere on Zee TV. The latest to have joined the ensemble cast are Aamir Dalvi who was seen in ‘Saathi Re’ and Anisha Kapoor, who was earlier seen in ‘Banoo Main teri Dulhann’. While Anisha plays the character of Ragini, a wannabe starlet who has migrated from North India to Mumbai to make it big in the TV industry; Aamir has been roped in to portray the character of Mahendra — an autistic but intelligent young man. He is an honest, simple and lovable character who finds philosophy in little day to day things in his life. 
Aamir Dalvi
“To portray an autistic character is by far the most interesting and difficult role of my life. I think it’s going to be a big challenge for me to enact such a character. I’m already doing my homework and learning about autism so that I can do complete justice to the role,” says Aamir.
While Aamir is totally gung ho about depicting an autistic person, the gorgeous actress Anisha says, “My character Ragini is very grey. She is extremely manipulative and will resort to any lengths to make it big in the industry. I had many inhibitions about playing this role but after Raju Bhai’s narration, I realised the potential in my character. I really hope I’m able to live up to his expectations.”
With so many big names playing pivotal roles in the show, we wonder who will play the lead lady Laxmi..??

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