Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Meet the Top three contestants of Zee TV Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Bisakh Jyoti (Kolkata), Abhilasha Chellam (Pune) and Kamaal Khan (Patiala) are the three finalists, who will duke it out for the title of the nation’s Singing Superstar.

Bisakh Jyoti
Bisakh Jyoti (Kolkata): 
Full of life, energy and enthusiasm is what best describes Bisakh Jyoti. He is a complete performer who sets the stage on fire and sets the mood for future performances. Whether it was his rendition of Bheegi Bheegi or Bappida's Pag Ghungaroo, Bishakh Jyoti is one complete performer who always sports a broad smile on his face while dancing to a tune that is all his own when he is on stage. All this makes Bikash a very positive and lively singer.
Abhilasha Chellam
Abhilasha Chellam (Pune): She is the girl next door, who is sweet and easily approachable. Quiet friendly and bubbly, she is everybody's darling on sets.
However this young singer is no stranger to the big stage. She was the runner up of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Marathi and is very comfortable with pushing the limits of her vocal abilities and trying out newer types of songs. Having made her way through two reality shows and facing different expectations and ideas, she feels that her mindset has changed. She now knows what to expect and has become more focused. With the wide variety of songs that she has performed week after week and her melodious and powerful voice, Abhilasha Chellam is sure to continue enthralling audiences nationwide.
Kamaal Khan
Kamaal Khan (Patiala): A Punjabi to the hilt, Kamaal Khan (on Zee TV's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstar) is a performer to the core. He has been a stage performer and though he used to find it a little difficult to sing in Hindi he has proved in the last few weeks that he is not limited just to Punjabi folk as he pulled off other genres with much finesse. He is a true rock star on stage as far as body language and voice is concerned. Mentors Vishal-Shekhar were so happy with his performance on ‘Sajda’ that they asked him to lend his voice for Salman Khan in the movie ‘Tees Maar Khan’.
Kamal has been a stage performer form an early age and has also won reality shows in Delhi. His friends in Punjab have always had the confidence that he will make it big in the industry and till date they give him a call after every show and give him their feedback.

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