Monday, February 16, 2009

Akkare Ikkare: New serial on Asianet

16th February [Every Saturday to Wednesday at 23.00] UAE Time
23rd February [Every Monday to Friday at 12.30] ISD

Director: Gireesh Konni
Artistes: Mammukoya, Sreenath, Beena Antony, Tezny Khan, Jaffer etc.

Gulf Colony, a total of 25 houses numbered from G-1 to G-25 is 400 meters away from the main road of Cherunniyoor village near Chirayinkil in Thiruvananthapuram. Gulf Residency Association has very special rules for the members and there are petty shops to super markets like Shola Super Market, Zam-Zam cool bar etc. Gulf connection is a must at the time of marriage proposal.
Every body in the village is aware of the GULF Colony and reach there by walk, cycle, Auto or Car for getting 'some thing'. All the villages are connected to Gulf by somehow or other.
Kunjahammed Sayip was the first who went to Gulf. He helped many to go abroad, but in turn he did get only poverty. Another popular figure is Daniel whose wife is a nurse working in Kuwait. Another prominenet character Leelavathi runs a play school and her husband is an engineer in Dubai. Although they are entirely different in character but they all love Gulf.
Milkmaid Sumkumari Amma is the megaphone of the colony and the outsiders hear the day to day affairs like those who come and go, the goods they bring from abroad etc. through her
Popular Madhavi Amma's son Jayan is the hero of the serial and she also have a daughter Sheela.

Impressed by the stories told by Sukumari Amma, Jayan has been trying to go abroad and it is the only ambition of him. The story begins with a sad message of the death of Sukumari Amma 's husband Sathyan in the Gulf. All were shocked by the death of Sathyan, who was in the Gulf for the last two decades.

The Residents Associations decides to bring the family of Sathyan Nair to the colony. The twists and turns in the story starts there.

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its a wonderful to watch it..