Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ranbir Rano Sunday to Wednesday at 19.30 on Zee TV

Ranbir and Rano’s is an epic love story wherein the divine power conjures to unite them, while the earthly clout connives to separate the lovers. This epic love story not only emphasizes karmic connections but also the class battle which still exists in present-day Punjab; the battle between the rich industrialists, and the poor farmers.
On one hand there is Ranbir’s father, Karorimal, an arrogant and miserly builder who’s only driven by greed; while on the other side there is Gurucharan, Rano’s humble father, a station master by profession who hates that his small town is losing all its charm due to supposed modernization at the hands of crooked people like Karorimal.
Who will win in this battle of purity and greed?

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