Sunday, February 22, 2009


Includes Programming Exclusive to Online: and Facebook Join Forces for First Time Since Inauguration. and Facebook again will partner on 24th February to enable users worldwide to connect and engage with each other while watching live the President’s first address to Congress.
Obama swearing
The new partnership comes on the heels of the network setting the record for the largest live video event in Internet history for it’s coverage of President Obama’s inauguration.
CNN continues to break new ground in its political coverage with presenter John King hosting a special online-exclusive edition of State of the Union with John King from 1800 to 1900 on Live, where users can watch as well as pose questions to members of the Best Political Team on Television and comment on their analysis in real-time. From 1300 on February 24th until 0500 on February 25th, Live, the Internet’s only multi-stream live video news service, will provide continuous, live coverage – featuring numerous CNN anchors and analysts – produced specifically for the digital audience.
Screenshot of Facebook & CNNLive
On Tuesday, 24th February, will provide comprehensive reporting and analysis on the issues Obama is expected to raise in his evening address, in particular the economy. As part of its dedicated coverage, the site will enable users to track the current economic climate state-by-state across various categories and indicators, including unemployment rate, foreclosures and job sector changes; as well as showcase personal stories to provide perspective to the impact of the nation’s financial health.
Additionally, Live users will be able to update their own Facebook status directly from the Live player; and also see status updates from their friends and other Facebook users on Live. On Facebook, the status updates for those using Live will be published in their News Feed with hyperlinked tags that read “via Live” so users’ friends on Facebook can click the tag and join the Live/Facebook experience.
Both CNN and will provide live coverage of President Obama’s speech and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s GOP response. A special two-hour edition of ‘Anderson Cooper 360º’ starts immediately after the President’s address, with Blitzer and Cooper leading the discussion with CNN’s correspondents and an ideologically diverse panel of political analysts.
On television, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Campbell Brown, Anderson Cooper and John King will lead special coverage from the Election Centre in New York. Throughout the evening, members of CNN’s political team will analyze the expectations facing the president and break down his address. This will include commentary within a special edition of ‘The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer’.

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