Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Deal of The Day: The Best deals of DSF on STAR Plus, STAR One & STAR Gold

It doesn’t get bigger than this… Putting its weight behind Dubai and ensuring high excitements levels during the shopping festival. An innovative and unique format, Deal of the Day is a three minute programme/capsule that will feature the best deals during the shopping festival in UAE. Deal of the Day will feature the absolute knock out deals on a particular day starting from  Jan 30. The capsules will air throughout the day at a high rotation so that viewers do not miss the best offers in town.

Deal of the Day will provide you with in depth information on the product, the best offer on that day and where you can go to in order to avail the offer. Presented daily, round the clock – viewers  everyday get to find out where you can get the best deal on mobile phones, cameras, laptops etc. In summary, it’s the complete DSF guide of what to buy, where to buy, best deals in the market etc.

Sumo Dutta

Says Sumo Dutta, Country Head for STAR Middle East, Pakistan and Africa Deal of the day is a simple idea aimed at revitalising shoppers and the shopping experience through a short but impactful program/capsule. The concept is Custom designed for advertisers who have great deals on offer but are not able to communicate the same effectively. Available at a cost, which is one tenth of any other media, Advertisers/Viewers will get a unique experience of the best offers they can avail. This shopping bonanza period, you don’t need to go looking for the BEST Deals. We tell you where the best deals are  - on your favourite channels. In our endeavour to continue bringing the latest and the best content to STAR viewers, we continue to raise the bar in terms of viewer expectations. Going forward, we will continue to bring viewers exclusive path breaking local content across STAR Plus, STAR Gold and STAR One, throughout this year.”