Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Swaraj will perform at Global Village

A musical treat to Dubai based Indians on 61st Indian Republic Day
On the eve of India’s 61st Republic Day, Malhaar, Dubai’s first Indian music choir will present  ‘Swaraj’ - a special concert at the Global Village on Friday, 22nd January at 19.30.
A medley of patriotic, folk and classical compositions in various Indian languages, ‘Swaraj’ attempts to present the musical heritage of India through the harmonized voices of her youth.
The concert endeavours to celebrate the vast diversity of cultures and traditions that give India her unique identity, through the language of music. Marking the Republic Day of a progressive and prosperous nation as it stands today, the concert attempts to present India’s musical heritage through the bold and contemporary genre of Indian choral music. ‘Swaraj will be the first musical performance of its kind in the UAE.
Born with a mission to unite the expatriate Indians through chords of music and to present the new face of India to the world through the unified voices of her youth, Malhaar, the first Indian choral music group in Dubai has begun its mellifluous journey this year. 
Malhaar performs all genres of Indian music that are adapted to western choral music style - from intricate Indian classical compositions to colourful folk and inspiring patriotic songs in different Indian languages. Malhaar is truly a celebration of India’s ‘unity in diversity’ through the language of music. 
A bold, youthful and contemporary group of trained Indian classical singers, Malhaar is a reflection of New India as it stands today – progressive yet reverent of the country’s musical heritage.
Malhaar choir has been founded by the seasoned and talented Hindustani musician Jogiraj Sikidar. Based in Dubai, Jogiraj is trained in Hindustani classical music under the able guidance of illustrious gurus and has been performing and teaching Indian classical and choral music for almost two decades. Apart from his disciples, other like-minded singers and instrumentalists, from the age of seven to 40, make up the members of the choir.
Malhaar shares its musical journey with the people of the UAE and beyond.

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